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Vocal Recording in London

Vocal recording is something I have enjoyed doing professionally since 2012. I have recorded singers, voiceovers, celebrities and of course rappers!

Some rappers/singers want quick takes, no rests and to just punch in until they have a full verse down, others like to go a bit slower and try out longer takes and go through everything after. I pride myself on being adaptable to how you, the artist, wants to work and I will always adjust to how an artist wants to record rather than them having to adjust to how I want to record. Of course if needed, I will always offer my help and advice. I want to make the session as comfortable as possible for you. So if you need professional vocal recording, get in touch now to book a session. Follow me on instagram for offers and more.

The Booking Process

Costs for vocal recording is £40 per hour

Once a date and time has been agreed on, a £40 non-refundable deposit will be required to secure the booking (minimum 2 hours session)

The booking can not be made until the deposit has been paid

I only taking bookings for recording on Sundays

What To Expect On The Day

To keep it comfortable there is a maximum of 3 people (including you) each session

I’ll share door codes with you to get you in the building (any problems on the day just give me a ring)

We’ll get recording

In the last 20-25 minutes I’ll provide a quick mix of your track to take away

Contact me here if you require a full, professional mix and master


I am proud to be partnered with Lock-In Studios (10 minute walk from Wood Green Tube station) and I offer vocal recording sessions here.

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