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Starter Pack Mixing & Mastering Booking

Starter Pack Mixing & Mastering Package Order - £80 (50% off 1st time booking)

Please answer the questions below as detailed as possible to help me build a better understanding of your vision for your song. Anything you don't answer just type N/A. Thank you.

If you'd like to send me the rough mix of your song before paying a deposit, so that I can give you some pointers on what I might do for you then please email your rough mix to

All bookings require a £50 non-refundable deposit

Do you have a rough mix of your track? (If yes please include with your stems)
Would you like your mix mastered? (mastering is included in the price)
Stem Upload Check List: please upload a zip file using the button here:

(for best results - book 2 weeks or more in advance)

PLEASE NOTE: Within 7 days costs £50 extra and I cannot guarantee to get your song back to you by your specified date. I will aim to get something back to you as close to your chosen date as possible. Any issues however and I will contact you directly.

Do you need any extras?

Thanks very much for your booking.

I'll be in touch soon to discuss the delivery date.