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Starter Pack Mixing & Mastering Booking

Starter Pack Mixing & Mastering Package Order - £80 (50% off 1st time booking)

Please answer the questions below as detailed as possible to help me build a better understanding of your vision for your song. Anything you don't answer just type N/A. Thank you.

If you'd like to send me the rough mix of your song before paying a deposit, so that I can give you some pointers on what I might do for you then please email your rough mix to

All bookings require a £50 non-refundable deposit

Do you have a rough mix of your track? (If yes please include with your stems)
Would you like your mix mastered? (mastering is included in the price)
Stem Upload Check List: please upload a zip file using the butter here:

(for best results - book 2 weeks or more in advance)

PLEASE NOTE: Within 7 days costs £50 extra and I cannot guarantee to get your song back to you by your specified date. I will aim to get something back to you as close to your chosen date as possible. Any issues however and I will contact you directly.

Do you need any extras?

Professional, great quality and affordable mixing and mastering services specialising in urban genres such as Hip Hop, Rap, Trap, Grime, Afrobeat and more. Get a Quote >

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