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Plug in of the month - Logic Pro's Channel EQ

As someone who has been using Logic Pro since 2005, I feel like it's only fair to give one of its plugins a special mention. This month, I've gone with Logic Pro's Channel EQ for my plug-in of the month. While I've invested in several third-party plugins over the years, I'm still always using Channel EQ.

The reason for this - it's a really fast and easy-to-use for quick fixes to audio.

It's also visually pleasing which I believe is always a bonus, I realise it's not the most important thing but I still like to enjoy what I'm looking at when I'm mixing.

Another thing I like is the quick load feature, which makes it incredibly easy to access compared to any other plugins. This is why it's so easy and quick to add some EQ to a track.

All in all, I've always found the Channel EQ to be a very reliable and versatile plugin, and it's one that I turn to time and time again. If you're a hip hop producer, sound engineer or rapper mixing your own tracks and looking for a plugin that can help you elevate your mixing and mastering skills, then the Channel EQ (along with Logic Pro) is worth getting in my opinion.

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