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Introduction To Debate Mixing & Mastering

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Introduction To Debate Mixing & Mastering

Introduction To Debate Mixing & Mastering

Hi, I’m Patrick (Pat) and I’m a Sound Engineer (& producer) working mainly in Hip Hop and Urban genres. I wanted to start a blog so that I can share all sorts of audio and sound related information, from great plugins I use to any music that I particularly enjoy or that I have worked on. I aim to give some tips as well to anyone producing music or who do mixing and mastering themselves.

For my opening blog I wanted to give you a quick introduction to DeBate Mixing & Mastering (you can find more information on 'About'). I mainly work (doing my mixing and mastering) from my home studio in Essex, UK and I currently record vocals for artists in London @ Lock In Studio.

I've enjoyed working with many artists that vary and are at different stages of their career. Some who have never stepped foot in a studio before and others who are very well established in the music industry such as Yxng Bane. This is thanks to the studio I used to work at in Harlow where I was able to meet some big names in the UK Hip Hop scene.

Me and Steel Banglez

My aim when recording is to make the artist feel as comfortable as possible and go at the pace they want to.

Some rappers/singers want quick takes, no rests and to just punch in until they have a full verse down, others like to go a bit slower and try out longer takes and go through everything after. I will always adapt to how an artist wants to record rather than them adapting to how I want to record. Of course if needed, I will always offer help and advice.

When it comes to mixing and mastering, I have a producers background, so I really like to get creative with edits, beat drops and other elements to enhance the song and the mix. I would say my style is a clean and polished, radio ready sound. Of course I will go with the direction of the artist if they have one, but if I’m given free rein this is the style I tend to go for. Listen to my portfolio to get an idea.

If you feel I can help with your songs or have any questions related to music then I’d like to hear from you.

Speak soon,

Patrick @ DeBate Mixing & Mastering


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