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Online Mixing & Mastering Services

Here at DeBate online mixing & mastering services I offer a relaxed, friendly & flexible environment whilst guiding you through the project from start to finish. 

When mixing, my aim is to take your raw tracks and turn them into a complete and professional song or album. When mastering, I aim to add a final polish to your mix and bring it up to a competitive loudness level, whilst keeping the dynamics and attributes of your original mix.

I also welcome beginners and artists that are just starting up and understand that some terminology can often be intimidating. So if you are unsure about anything on this site then please just let me know and I'll help you to move forward.

If you need help with recording or beat producing I would be more than happy to give you advice with these too so get in touch and ask away!

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The best way for us to start a mix is for you to send  unprocessed stems (no effects or plugins) of your song. This would be in WAV format and sent over file sharing websites (eg. WeTransfer). I can give you advice and help with exporting your stems.

You can leave it to my expertise to get the best sound for your music. If you do have songs that you really enjoy the style of then let me know, as this can help form an idea of the type of sound that you are after. This can be from your own previous music or it can be from your favourite artists.

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Mixing process includes:

  • Cleaning up of audio files such as removing any unwanted noises.

  • Editing breaths.

  • Alignment of backing vocals.

  • Adding pitch correction (if necessary).

  • Adding processing such as EQ and Compression.

  • Adding artistic and creative edits that will enhance your song.

  • Levelling and balancing of audio (achieving focus on the parts and/or instruments of your choice, vocals usually being a big focal point).



All mixes purchased through DeBate will receive the mastering process. However I welcome mixes that you have worked on elsewhere if you are looking for fresh ears to add that final touch.

I will bring a tonal balance and enhancement to your mix and bring it up to a competitive loudness level. I believe that keeping the overall dynamics of your mix is more important than squashing your music to make it as loud as possible, and I aim to get a good balance of the two.

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When mastering I will only add adjustments where necessary and this process may include some or all of the following:

  • Listening to your mix and taking on board your comments for what you want to achieve.

  • Only if necessary, I will use iZotope’s advanced RX7 Music Rebalance software to make minor level adjustments on vocals, bass, drums/percussion or instruments (however it is recommended to get the levels you desire at the mix stage).

  • Run your mix through high-end EQ plugins. This will control some problem frequencies or boost others to add an overall polish and shine to your mix.

  • Run your mix through gentle compression with the aim of ‘gelling’ your mix.

  • Where necessary, add saturation to your mix.

  • Add spacial effects processing to widen your mix.

  • Bring your song up to a competitive loudness level.

How It Works

Below is a guide on the process of working with me however I aim to be as flexible as possible and can be contacted if any problems occur.


Get in touch and let me know your project needs and ideas. We'll have a chat to see if there is anything in particular you require or any specific song you like the sound of. Or if you are happy to leave it with me, I will use my expertise and vision to come up with something as a starting block. You can order quickly on the website however I recommend that you send your project before any payment is made and if necessary, I can give feedback on any audio issues that may impair your finished product. I want the best sound for you so if I can help in your processes before we start, I will be happy to help.


After you have sent me the files and we have come to an agreement on price, I will carry out the mixing and/or mastering detailed above and send you a mp3 file of the song or project.


I offer 5 revisions for each song in order to make sure we get the finished product you are after. I will make any revisions requested and send back the updated mp3 files.


Once you are happy with the song, I will send an invoice for the previously agreed price. After payment has been processed you will receive high quality WAV and mp3 versions of the song.

Sound Good?

Book your track in for mixing and mastering!

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