Mixing & Mastering Hip Hop Tips & FAQs

If you have a question that does not appear email patrick@debatemixingandmastering.com and I'll be happy to help.

What is the price of a mix and master?

Each project can vary and will have many different aspects to it, which is why I usually ask to look at your project first before giving you a quote. But here are the packages I offer: Full Service starts from £200 / Starter Pack starts from £80 / Mastering is £50 / Vocal recording is £40ph. 

When can I expect a reply to my email or call?

You can expect a response from me in 1 - 2 working days. I am NOT available on weekends.

How many revisions can I make?

I offer 5 free revisions for the full service and 2 for the starter pack. After this, there will be a small charge per revision.

How long does a mix take?

Our turnaround time is usually 7-14 days (from when a £50 deposit is paid). For larger projects with multiple songs, I will let you know how long the process will be. PLEASE get in touch first as a busy diary will mean a longer turn around time.

Are your mixes/masters analogue or digital?

I operate in the box with high-end digital plug-ins. This enables me to keep costs low and allows me to load up your project remotely should I have to.

How long do you keep files on your system?

I share your music through a website called FilePass and I will keep your track on there for 2 weeks. However, I will always keep your sessions on hard drives. This means I can come back to your project in the future if needed. Should I need to delete your session completely for any reason, I would contact you first to let you know.

Do you accept DAW project files?

Currently, I do not accept DAW project files. I always ask for stems (usually dry with no plug-ins) in WAV or AIFF format as this speeds up workflow.

Do you offer recording services?

Yes! I currently take bookings for recording on Sundays in London. Get in touch for more details.